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The perfect gift for him

the-perfect-gift-for-him/ ‎

The perfect gift for him

You, as well as half of Greece’s population -tomorrow- it could be your man’s birthday, name day, anniversary or a simple day to give him a gift. Geting a gift for your man is not the easiest task on earth! Let’s see which category he belongs to so that you can give him the corresponding gift …

Friend with … benefits

Come on, let’s not play with words. Friends with benefits equals fuck buddies! You are essentially, you were once in a while, you have a good time, you talk about wind and water but you also have sex. Nice sex. Nothing more, nothing less. In such cases the gift is usually forbidden, because quite simply, it is neither the chick nor the friend.

If you still want to surprise him, first assure him that you are on the same wavelength – do not see the gift bag and jump out the window with the commitment he sees coming over him – and then you can buy him something. as much as. Not too personal, nor something completely impersonal. So for goodness sake, they say. A bottle of sparkling wine or a vodka / whiskey in a festive package to have supplies for next time is a good idea … The line is very thin, so be careful.

2. You’ve been dating for a while

You’re basically together, but because the weather is short, you haven’t put up “my friend” and “my girlfriend” labels. You haven’t even put it on facebook to imagine! In this case, the gift is a good start to your relationship and should be simple but personal.

From the moment you know him, try to understand from his conversations what he likes, and what he has to a superlative degree. If you see him for example having ten different sportswear, do not give him the shoes in hand, and if on the other hand he told you the other day “I have to go to Christos’ party but I have nothing to wear”, well, it would be good to are you going to get him a t-shirt even though Stergios disagrees, a shirt, a nice hat or gloves

3. Your boyfriend

Yes, you have been a couple for a few months now and this may be your first gift exchange. You start to know him well and you think that the gift should be important and indicate your love! You’re doing good! What to get him? You can get original and get him tickets for the band he wants, a dinner in a good restaurant or his favorite cologne. You know now!

4. Your long-term relationship

Eeee girl, are you waiting for us to tell you what gift you will get for your loved one ? However, if you think that you have bought him everything – and have suffered – choose a gift that will renew your relationship.

For example, a three-day trip, if your pocket supports it! Otherwise put on your sexiest lingerie, wrap yourself in a red bow and Voila: The best gift you ever got! YOU! Rejoice your John!


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