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Are you looking for the best waterproof phone cases?

Are you looking for the best waterproof phone cases?

Take pictures, listen to music, answer your calls, even below sea level. The state-of-the-art waterproof phone cases – θήκες κινητών – give you tremendous possibilities, so that you do not waste a moment with your smartphone on summer excursions.

Although most waterproof phone cases have IP68 waterproofing, they cannot be submerged in the same meters of water. Choose yours according to your needs.

Waterproof phone cases 10m for diving

Waterproof phone cases are the most modern protection solution, as they offer not only waterproofing below the water surface, but also waterproofing in snow, dirt and dust. The smartphone remains fully sealed and sealed, while at the same time it is extremely functional to all its possibilities. Designed to meet military standards, the cases protect against drops up to 2 meters high, while they also have a premium lanyard, which gives another point of safety from falls. Compatible with iPhone.

Waterproof phone cases 3-6m for 1 hour immersion

Waterproof phone cases are another excellent choice for the complete protection of your smartphone from water, sand, dust, dirt, etc. They also follow military standards for bumps and falls from a height of up to 3-6 meters, while at the same time they have non-slip front for easier use under water. Compatible with iPhone and Samsung.

Waterproof phone cases 2m for 1 hour immersion

Waterproof phone cases of the Fre series are only 35 grams and faithfully follow the design line of the iPhone, so that they do not add extra volume or weight. In addition, thanks to Screenless Technology, the smartphone can fully function with our voice in the water, without the minimal use of the screen. Compatible with iPhone.

At Thikishop.gr you will find more waterproof gadgets and phone cases for your excursions.

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