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Christmas decoration with wall painting

The painting of the house for the holidays can be done immediately, quickly, without much cost and fuss. To transform your space and give your home a Christmas atmosphere with decorative elements that suit your tastes, a wall painting is enough. ‘A freshly painted wall can be festively decorated and look beautiful even if it has a neutral pale color.

The Christmas painting of the wall, however, and the decoration of the space go together. One complements and defines the other. That’s why Gikas technical workshop gives you below some simple home painting ideas, in case you want to paint and freshen up your home for the holidays. Whatever your choice of wall paint, combine it with the appropriate holiday decor that suits your home.

White Christmas with white color

This room is painted in classic neutral shades of white and is decorated with simple touches in colors of gold and silver that give a special Christmas atmosphere. In this proposal you see how even with a simple painting and choosing only a neutral color, without many color contrasts, the space acquires the feeling of freshness and cleanliness, calm and warmth.

The white color on the walls is a color with a classic value. If you choose the timeless white for painting the walls, then you should know that in this case the decoration has the first say. The painting elements are the ones that will give the space style and character, since they will color it with their touches. And the options in this case are countless as the white color is suitable and suitable for all kinds of decorative creations and for every festive occasion.

Painting in warm winter colors

This room seems to welcome you with warmth. It radiates warmth and although the color on the wall is dark, the space seems to have the light of the natural shade of winter. The wall has been painted in a shade of gray-blue that blends harmoniously with the simple white fireplace which stands out in the space with simple decorative elements. The light of the candles and the simple Christmas decoration with white lights, without many ornaments and colors, highlight even more the choice of color in the painting of the wall and give a festive and Christmas atmosphere in the space. To properly complement the aesthetic effect, here the decoration should be simple and with natural elements.

Dramatically dark color

If you want to give your home an intense atmosphere of nobility and immersion then a wall painted in a bright dark color can become the canvas to highlight your favorite works of art or old paintings. Anything valuable placed on a dark background acquires value and mystery. During the holidays, a wall painted in dark color can accommodate in front of them your light-colored sofa that will be temporarily placed on the edge to have space for the New Year’s Eve. A light retro sofa loaded with colorful gifts in front of a freshly painted dark wall is the ultimate Christmas painting.

Warm Red painting color

Red has always been the color of Christmas. And in the spirit of the day, the wall has been painted a warm red. An entire wall painted in warm red that perfectly suits the festive atmosphere of the day. The decorative elements are in the same shade of sweet red as the one painted on the wall. This is to avoid strong color contrasts when the wall is painted in such a bright color. But the only difference is the difference that is none other than the simple kitchens in white porcelain. The aristocratic and modern side in the Christmas painting and decoration.

Simple natural beauty for pale colors

Why not bring the forest home on Christmas day? This simply freshly painted room is decorated in simple lines with natural materials, such as a spruce branch, which gives the space a festive Christmas note. Even a refreshment in the space with painting in pale colors and some decorations simply in earth tones, are enough to beautify our space happily and festively.

Painting the hallway

Usually we do not pay much attention to places such as the entrance, the hallway or the hall of a house. However, if these spaces are properly painted with colors that highlight the structural elements, they give a different image to the first glance of your home. In the photo, the painting and the appropriate choice of color of the wall transform the space of the staircase. The Christmas painting, simple with natural elements and in earthy colors, harmoniously completes the festive atmosphere.

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