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Trauma porn VS Food porn trend


Trauma porn VS Food porn trend

Young Tik Tok users are making videos portraying the victims of the Holocaust in a new worrying ‘madness’.

There are times when you really wonder what is going on in the minds of some people. For example with several young users of Tik Tok, who decided to flood the social network with videos, in which they pretend to be victims of the Holocaust and tell their own fantastic story about how they died. These trends have nothing to do with porn of course and escorts athens are not included!

The new macabre youth craze that has filled Tik Tok with shocking short videos is called ‘trauma porn’ (like food porn, sky porn etc), as there are many who like to see horrible events revived over and over again.

The creators of these videos are painted with make up, creating the impression that they have burned their faces and wear clothes that refer to those that the Nazis gave to the Jews in the concentration camps.

The song used as the soundtrack in most of these videos is Bruno Mars ‘Locked out of Heaven’. Do you understand why from the meaning of the title?

According to their creators, these videos were started in an attempt to inform young children about the tragedies that occurred in World War II. However, this issue took a completely different course.

It is positive, however, that several users who happened to see the specific videos on Tik Tok, became furious on social media. As a result, many of these videos were deleted from their creators’ accounts.

Maybe it would be good to think more next time before creating such content. Trauma porn has nothing to do with life, love and sex.

Food porn is better than Trauma porn

Voluptuously melted ice creams, delicious pizzas and hamburgers as well as tonic smoothies and salads dominate the themes of a popular food blogger, who made his passion a lucrative profession.

Three scoops of ice cream, one pink, one in the colour of lavender and a turquoise like the waters of Hawaii, flow voluptuously on the hand holding the cone, dragging the colourful truffles with which the ice cream is sprinkled – overproduction. Can you imagine something more realistic?

Because indeed until such a photo shoot is completed, which looks amateur but is not, the ice cream, for sure, will start to melt. So let’s see what really happens. What Yannis Divramis, better known to his 177,000 YouTube followers as @Yannis Divramis ASMR, is looking for as realistic images as possible and highly appetizing “models”. That’s why when he visits a restaurant, he chooses the most impressive dishes on the menu, intervenes by asking the chef for some changes that will make them even more photogenic and immediately starts working. Not with the i-phone! This is for amateurs… When four ice cream balls melt and become one.

Yannis uses a Sony Alpha, he especially likes natural light and indoor photography. Within ten minutes he has taken about a hundred photos. A little later he sits comfortably in a cafe, looks at his account data (to see what is the best time for more likes) and edits his photos. He does not use Instagram filters, but 2-3 online applications that offer him the desired result.

He is a hard worker. He has also studied economics and marketing at the University of U.K. He likes the job to be done quickly for this and from marketing he went into YouTube videos. He has thousands of followers, adds hashtags, such as #Pizza #BBQPizza #yannisasmr #Mukbang #ASMR #ASMREating #asmrsounds #eatingsounds #NoTalking #letseat #cheesypizza #pizzaasmr #pizzamukbang #savageeating #asmrshow #italiancuisine #greekpizzaasmr #foodporn etc.

Note that Bella Hadid, the famous top model – escorts greece is among the fans who follow Yannis faithfully on social media. From her personal account he tags parents, siblings and cousins, logs in from different accounts, responds to comments, uploads thanks, likes other food bloggers, shares photos of others she likes.

Posting is always a big deal. I keep saying, “Leave me alone for five minutes, don’t talk to me to do my job,” Justin tells his followers as he checks his account data: In five minutes, a thousand people saw the photo he uploaded and three saved it. because they want to go to the store he mentions at some point. At the same time he looks at his emails. New restaurants, and others that have updated their menu, invite him to try their new dishes and photograph them, hoping that this will create the right noise on social media, which will help increase their clientele.

Right now, Yannis is the most influential asmr food blogger in Greece. He loves food! Note that he does not drink, does not smoke and does not like to spend the night out. He starts his day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice and during it drink at least 5-6 cups of green tea. He also avoids gluten from the moment he discovered that it causes gastrointestinal problems.

His hobby did not arise by chance. Yannis’s mother does not like cooking. At least five times a week his family eats out, usually in trendy restaurants. They order different dishes so that everyone can try them all. In the beginning his mom was ashamed, on the one hand for the word porn (for try to think how you would feel if your child signed e.g @food_porn or escorts call girls.) but also because they had to light with their mobile phones every dish that was photographed necessarily before trying it. “They looked at us like we were crazy.”

His passion brought Yannis thousands of followers, among them the young marketing manager of Hilton McLean Tysons Corner. So one day, when he checked in there, he approached him, said he was a fan, and instead of Yannis paying for his food, he arranged a generous reward. The Hilton offered him $500, accommodation in the presidential suite (one night costs $ 2,000) and food at the hotel restaurant in exchange for two Instagram photos. The sequel was easy. His clientele was immediately enriched with names of companies such as Greek yogurt, Hellmann’s mayo and McDonald’s who pay $1,500 for a photo and $2,000 for a video.

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