Search engine ptimization

Search engine optimizing for beginners

Search engine ptimization

Search engine optimizing for beginners

Website optimization for search engines is a process to get your web content ranked better in search results, especially Google.

Although SEO optimization is a process that includes technical tasks related to the code of a website or an e-shop, there are tasks that you can do in the way and structure of your web content that do not require any technical background.

Before posting your next post, take a look at the list below, which includes tips and tricks for optimizing websites that will lead to your better search engine rankings.

1. Choose a keyword and focus on it

The first step is to simply select the search term, phrase or keyword in which you want your post to appear. You can use some keyword generator or do your own research on the topic of your website.

The easiest way is to use Google Keyword Planner, a free tool that will show you an estimate of the search volume of any phrase. (Although the tool is free, you may need to create an AdWords account to access it).

2. Investigate your competition

Now that you have identified the keyword you want to promote in search results, you need to put your browser in incognito mode and visit (Incognito mode helps because we do not want Google to use our search history to affect what we see on the search results page).

Take a look at all the content on the 1st results page for the keyword you want to promote, ignoring the results of the ads at the top. The (approximately) 10 results you see are your competition! What are they missing?

3. Write quality content

Now that you know what your competition is, it’s time to create content that will make you stand out from the competition. This is probably the hardest part, but it’s the most important. The content you write should be amazing.

4. Be sure to include the keyword in the page title

Your page title should contain the keyword. In addition, the title should be interesting enough that users really want to click on it! After finding the correct catchy title, you should also put it in some of your subheadings too. And of course, find some variations of it so that you will not repeat yourself over and over again.

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