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Are you looking for the best waterproof phone cases?

Are you looking for the best waterproof phone cases?

Take pictures, listen to music, answer your calls, even below sea level. The state-of-the-art waterproof phone cases – θήκες κινητών – give you tremendous possibilities, so that you do not waste a moment with your smartphone on summer excursions.

Although most waterproof phone cases have IP68 waterproofing, they cannot be submerged in the same meters of water. Choose yours according to your needs.

Waterproof phone cases 10m for diving

Waterproof phone cases are the most modern protection solution, as they offer not only waterproofing below the water surface, but also waterproofing in snow, dirt and dust. The smartphone remains fully sealed and sealed, while at the same time it is extremely functional to all its possibilities. Designed to meet military standards, the cases protect against drops up to 2 meters high, while they also have a premium lanyard, which gives another point of safety from falls. Compatible with iPhone.

Waterproof phone cases 3-6m for 1 hour immersion

Waterproof phone cases are another excellent choice for the complete protection of your smartphone from water, sand, dust, dirt, etc. They also follow military standards for bumps and falls from a height of up to 3-6 meters, while at the same time they have non-slip front for easier use under water. Compatible with iPhone and Samsung.

Waterproof phone cases 2m for 1 hour immersion

Waterproof phone cases of the Fre series are only 35 grams and faithfully follow the design line of the iPhone, so that they do not add extra volume or weight. In addition, thanks to Screenless Technology, the smartphone can fully function with our voice in the water, without the minimal use of the screen. Compatible with iPhone.

At you will find more waterproof gadgets and phone cases for your excursions.

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The job of the seo consultant (free traffic or user experience on the site?)

The job of the seo consultant (free traffic or user experience on the site?)

The seo consultant is an adviser, basically. It is thanks to an SEO consultancy that you can bring your website online to the top of search engines.

But website consultant doesn’t just do that. The main task of an SEO consultant should be to monitor and understand the flow of users on the site, the user experience. Thanks to an in-depth study of how users interact with your website, the consultant can give studied advice on how to improve your performance on the web. It is with constant analysis that SEO is able to understand what is best to do and what not to do on a website.

Does the site have all the information necessary for the user? Do you have the contact form in the right place? Or, is your landing page optimized for search engines? These are the questions that an SEO should initially ask.

But that’s not enough: the seo should then analyze the browsing experience that users have on your site. That is, do they reach the page you want to show? Is it easy for them to get where you want them to go?

An SEO consultant is often confused as someone who brings free traffic to a site. But seo is not just this: thanks to seo (which today some call search experience optimization) it is possible to better understand the users that search engines bring to your site, and in this way offer your users valid and always better content. . Thus it is possible:

1. Involve users (social engagement, or user engagement), who will increasingly want to know your site and what it offers

2. Lower the bounce rate (bounce rate or frequency) or those users who, once landed on the site, do not click but go back

3. Improve the user experience on the site

4. Have users perform the desired actions (sales, contacts, registrations, etc.)

5. Convert (increase the conversion rate) and thus increase your ROI

If a seo consultant fails to do all this, he should not be called a consultant, but rather a seo spammer, who just wants to get the site up, regardless of what users actually want and seek. In one of my articles I talked about CTR and user experience, showing how often Google penalizes websites that are more concerned with climbing a position in the SERP than with involving their users.

How user engagement is measured is something I’ll write about later.

In the meantime, it is worth knowing that a seo and Web Marketing consultant should primarily care about how users interact on the site, to give each user what he wants, and to the customer an SEO service that the customer can be satisfied with. The costs for the seo services should then be competitive, to get the customer the best possible ROI.

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